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What is Online Training?
And is it right for you?

Online Training is your custom made exercise program uploaded to a professional app that you can use on your own schedule. If you have ever thought, "I would show up to the gym if I knew what to do", then online training is all the accountability you need.  Not only will this app track your progress from week to week, but as your personal trainer I will also check in with you weekly to make sure you are progressing. All you need to do is show up and write in the reps and weight you did for each exercise. This system allows you to workout on your own time and not worry about missing a workout because your schedule didn't work with your In-person trainer's.  Plus you can workout from anywhere! If you change gyms or dont have one where you are, I will rewrite your workout based on what you have available. 

See why people love online training on the app!

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