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In Person

In Person personal training is great for anyone looking for special attention to form and making sure you are doing each movement correctly/safely. 

In Person's create a lot of accountability for showing up to each workout and performing it to your max potential. 

I offer flexibility with where and when we train. I offer In-home training, where I can bring my own equipment to your home or a public place ( park, beach..etc) for our workout. Or if we feel we would benefit more from going to a gym, we can arrange that also. 

Call today for a free consultation. 

  • 30 min Session

    • , A single custom 1 on 1 training session
  • 1 hour Session

    • Single, 1 on 1 custom workout
  • 8 Pack

    Average of $70/Session ( working out 2 x week each month)
    • Eight 1 on 1 In-Person custom Training sessions
  • 12 Pack

    Average of $65/Session (Working out 3 times/week each month)
    • Twelve 1 on 1 In-Person Custom Training Sessions

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